Training and Consulting Services

Training and Consulting Services

Why Danbee’s C-TPAT Training Programs Are Considered the Best

One of the fundamental requirements of C-TPAT certification is training, an area where Danbee’s C-TPAT consultants excel. Few companies can match Danbee’s three decades of global supply chain security experience, which is why Danbee’s C-TPAT consultants have been interviewed on network television as well as by publications such as USA Today, Forbes, CFO and the Journal of Commerce.

Danbee executives have provided supply chain security and C-TPAT training seminars for organizations such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, the Foreign Trade Association, the International Compliance Professionals Association, the Maritime Security Conference, the North American Cargo Security Conference and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, to name just a few.

Danbee’s professional C-TPAT training seminars enable companies to dramatically enhance the awareness and professional capabilities of their personnel. Danbee’s training programs provide attendees with realistic, up-to-date intelligence and actual case histories.

The Nation’s Premier C-TPAT Consultants

Danbee offers specialized C-TPAT services, including comprehensive assessments of corporate and third party supply chains, designing customized policies, conducting focused C-TPAT training programs, and performing risk-based audits of domestic and international facilities to ensure that they are in compliance with C-TPAT standards. These services have enabled Danbee’s clients to upgrade their asset protection programs, mitigate risk, and successfully become C-TPAT certified and validated.

Danbee’s C-TPAT consultants’ expertise in domestic and international supply chain security is unparalleled. With over 30 years of experience working with leading manufacturers, distributors, forwarders, retailers and transportation companies, Danbee has performed forensic post incident investigations and designed highly successful asset protection programs that protect global supply chains from terrorism, theft, product tampering, smuggling, diversion and other threats.

Danbee’s C-TPAT consultants have performed hundreds of supply chain security assessments for companies around the globe.

If your company is serious about C-TPAT security or obtaining other similar international certifications, we can develop a world class security program for you.