One Minute Security Survey

Is your distribution center secure?


Inventory loss and cargo theft cost U.S. businesses between $10-$50 billion annually. In addition to the cost of the stolen product, inadequate security may result in possible violation of Sarbanes Oxley and CTPAT, costly litigation, damaging publicity and potential bankruptcy.


Rate your company and determine your inventory loss risk factor.

Note: Responses are strictly confidential. There is no saving or tracking of those taking this fraud self-assessment. Answers are reviewed by your eyes only.

1. Have you had a comprehensive security survey of your facility within the last five years to identify ineffective or antiquated security safeguards?

2. When trash is removed from the distribution center, is it always inspected by a manager to ensure that good product isn't being concealed inside bags or boxes?

3. Are package inspections regularly performed to prevent employees from pilfering inventory?

4. Does your company periodically provide distribution center managers and supervisors with meaningful training that enhances their ability to recognize theft, collusion and workplace substance abuse?

5. Has your alarm system received a thorough inspection and testing within the last twelve months to ensure that all equipment is working to full capacity and properly calibrated?

6. When you've suspected on-the-job substance abuse, were you able to successfully identify and terminate the drug users?

7. Does your ongoing loss prevention program consist of more than an alarm system, closed circuit television and/or uniformed guards?

8. Have you placed an undercover investigator inside your operation within the last five years?

9. Do you regularly conduct unannounced loss prevention audits on checkers to determine whether they're negligent or dishonest?

10. Do you have background investigations performed on new hires to determine whether they have criminal convictions for larceny, violent behavior or drug possession?

11. Does your company offer a risk-free way for employees to anonymously provide information regarding theft, on-the-job substance abuse and other illegal activities?

12. When you've suspected internal theft, were you able to sucessfully terminate and prosecute the guilty parties?